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Need assistance? Check out a few answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Finding the perfect rental can be a difficult process, however, one of our team members will be here to assist you through each step of the way. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please feel free to get in touch with us. We’d be more than happy to help.

Can we take our boat offshore fishing?

The insurance does not cover you or the boat if you take it to the ocean, to the outside of the outer cays like Guana Cay, Elbow Cay, Man-O-War and Scotland Cay. There are also lots of dangerous reefs and rocks you have to pass over to get to the ocean.

What happens if I return my boat late?

Late returns result in an additional full-day charge.

Do you sell fuel?

Yes, we sell both gasoline and diesel at our dock.

Gas - $6.55 per gallon (VAT included)*

Diesel - $6.00 per Gallon (VAT included)*

*Prices subject to change

Do you have fishing/dive equipment?

No, we do not have fishing equipment. Island Boy Tackle sells and rents fishing equipment. Their phone number is (242) 357.6670. National Marine sells dive equipment. Their phone number is (242) 367.2326.

Do we offer Pick-up or Delivery services?

Delivery Service: We can deliver your rental boat to you; however, paperwork must be completed at our office in Marsh Harbour prior. This service is $150.00.

Pick-Up Service: At the end of your reservation, we can retrieve your rental boat from your location. This service costs $300.00.

What is the Oil fee?

Four-stroke engines do not consume oil; however, the oil gets burnt and it must be replaced every 100 hours.

1 Day - Single Engine $25.00 | Two Engines $50.00

2-4 Days - Single Engine $50.00 | Two Engines $100.00

5-7 Days - Single Engine $100.00 | Two Engines $200.00

What are VAT and Service fees?

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a mandatory government tax of 10%. All credit card transactions are subject to a 5% service fee.

Can I dock my boat at Firefly Sunset Resort?

Firefly is acceptable for Day Dockage, but the rental can not be docked overnight, we recommend you secure a slip with either of the following:

Sunset Marina (Junior) – (242) 458-9255

Seaspray Marina – (242) 577-4696

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