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If compromise is your desire, the 24' Ocean Pro is the boat for you. With her eight-person seating, high gunwales, and open design, you'll find that she is the perfect boat for those who want more than the 21' but don't need quite as much as the 26'. Rent the 24' Ocean Pro and enjoy the soft, stable, dry ride that her deep V hull will deliver to you.


  • Capacity: 8 people/ 7 adults + 1 kid / 1,200 lbs

  • Length: 24"

  • Overall Length: 24'

  • Average Hull Weight: 3200 lbs.

  • Transom Height: 25"

  • Fuel Capacity: 120 Gal.

  • Beam Amidship: 8'

  • Dead Rise: 24º

  • Draft: 24"

  • Horsepower: 300 G2 Evinrude

NOTE: The renter agrees not to exceed the capacity shown above, including persons and equipment, or be liable for any and all damages that result from exceeding the maximum allowances. Furthermore, the renter will forfeit the rental and refund Blue Wave Boat Rentals Ltd. in full for the rental that had been reserved if the maximum allowances are exceeded.

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